Client Description:

The client is a Denver, Colorado-based multi-location retail company. This family-owned business has received over 50 awards for the quality of its products. As their business is booming and getting recognized for their quality, they wanted to implement new processes and workflows that will help them seamlessly manage their production processes.


INDUSTRY: Consumer products

MARKET: United States

SIZE: 10 employees



While managing a retail business, it’s extremely important to have complete control over the production process and inventory system. This will help the company effectively manage and fulfill the demand and supply of its products. However, without a concrete process or strategy, the possibility of making errors or introducing delays increases. The lack of organization also complicates things, making it difficult to gauge if the current efforts benefit the business and not lead to wastage of resources or increased costs. Therefore, the client needed to establish new Microsoft SharePoint workflows to be able to manage their projects well and gain insights into their performance. In addition to that, it served as an excellent opportunity for the business to update their outdated technologies and keep up with the growing needs of the business.


Klarinet Solutions partnered with the client’s SharePoint Administrator in March 2019. At the beginning of the project, the business wanted Klarinet’s assistance to produce Microsoft SharePoint workflows. Their current system was outdated and was in need of an upgrade. In order to upgrade, they had come across several vendors that provided similar workflows. Therefore, they partnered with Klarinet to help them implement the new version and features of SharePoint that will add value to their business.

Before implementing the workflows, Klarinet’s team helped the business design the workflow and recommended solutions to improve it. Once the design of the workflows was finalized, they also made sure that the solution met the needs of all the stakeholders to be able to easily collaborate and communicate with each other.

Every time Klarinet’s team suggested an idea, they considered the big picture and recommended solutions that would help the business in the long run. The main reasoning behind this was to provide the company scope for growth and help scale up easily.


To help the business build a strong foundation for its processes, Klarinet’s team recommended the following:

  • Establish a workflow framework that suit the nature of the business.
  • Ensure that the requirements of all the stakeholders are taken into consideration.
  • Build fully functioning systems.
  • Ensure the new systems were well integrated with the 14 different SharePoint workflows in production.
  • Guidance on how to effectively manage projects with the help of the new SharePoint workflows.
  • Ongoing recommendations and insights to upgrade the systems in order to keep up with the up-and-coming technologies.
  • Assistance with integrating new upgrades into the system to make it robust and relevant.
  • A ticketing system to help the business troubleshoot or resolve any challenges that may arise promptly.

Klarinet Solutions’ team proactively collaborated with the client’s team to help understand their requirements and challenges. After thoroughly understanding the situation and needs of the business, Klarinet’s team identified solutions that will help the company not just sustain its current business but also allow them to grow the business while satisfying its stakeholders.

Client Testimonial:

“I’ve been working with SharePoint since 2006, and they [Klarinet] have outperformed other vendors I’ve worked with.” – Microsoft SharePoint Administrator

How Can Your Organization Benefit from Managed Service Support?

The struggle of managing a new business or growing a business to its full potential is real. There are several factors that depend on each other which determine the outcome of the business. Therefore, it’s crucial for a business to identify the key factors and stakeholders and design their business workflow around them to meet the business requirements.

It’s also equally important to invest in a tool that enriches or gives rise to employee-centric work culture. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, organizations can leverage the latest tools that allow the business to use pre-existing templates or customize the features to suit their business needs while still being light on the budget.

Microsoft 365 is one such versatile tool that helps to achieve these results. To make the most of this tool and customize its features to suit your organization’s requirements, make sure to consult Klarinet Solutions.  Their experts will help you find a solution for successful Intranet communication, Microsoft 365 integration, or managed service plan.


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