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Mechanics Bank provides personal banking, business banking, trust, estate, brokerage, and wealth management services throughout California. As a growing community bank, Mechanics Bank – continues the legacy of commitment based on building lasting relationships, driving regional economic growth, and exceeding client’s expectations every day.

Mechanics Bank

Modern Valo Intranet



MARKET: United States – California

SIZE: 2,000+ employees


With their recent merger with Rabobank NA, Mechanics Bank needed to take their digital workplace to the next level by uniting both organizations, creating a new company identity, and improving their business operations.


Mechanics Bank and Rabobank NA had two existing 2013 SharePoint intranets; however, they needed a new portal for their newly formed bank with the merger fast approaching. Bringing the two organizations together as a single company, brand and identity was important to the executive leadership, and Mechanics wanted to use a revamped Intranet portal as a way for users to find new team members, drive new important company messages, and centralize their collaboration efforts that best leveraged the Microsoft Modern Digital Workplace tools.

Project Objectives

They sought to elevate their digital workplace by leveraging a consolidated Valo intranet, new information architecture/site map, and a company-wide branded experience.

1. Implement a Modern Valo Intranet solution with Valo engagement features, predefined site collections, custom templates, People Finder, and social hubs.

2. Improve collaboration & communication by utilizing tools that disseminate company news, provide relevant information, and promote easy file sharing with interactive teams.

3. Install a renowned security structure to prevent internal leaks and block outside threats.

4. Scale a company-wide digital workplace that can support all users to find resources and stay productive across their many locations and diverse workforce.

5. Focus on a compelling design that represents the new identity and branding of Mechanics Bank, as well as foster user adoption from all users.


In working with Mechanics Bank, it was clear that they had many great ideas and goals that could be solved using the Microsoft collaboration platform combined with Valo’s Intranet in a box solution that sits on top of SharePoint and Teams Online. Klarinet’s team was able to deploy a successful Valo Modern intranet solution within 45-days.

We provided a Valo Intranet deployment, custom deployment, strategy, and ongoing managed consulting services to address Mechanics’ immediate needs and future needs as the software products continue to evolve.

Within our agreement, we also grant an alert system and other business needed applications. For example, we recently created (1) a Coronavirus Reference Center – COVID-19 template for Mechanics executives to provide real-time tools for their employees and (2) a Valo People Finder, which allows users to quickly find coworkers using various search fields.

Aside from this, our solutions seek to resolve and support the following:

1. Modern Valo Intranet ArchitectureWe created various sites with their own unique site collection settings, including one site for each organization’s department. However, one of the main challenges was consolidating sites for legacy items; therefore, we reached out to a third party to support us and make a unique site collection.

In working with each main department, we determined specific taxonomy, design, structure, permission, and migration to customize the sites’ functionality to the department’s liking.

Separate site collections are common for modern intranets that rely on a flat architecture. It allows an organization to scale its digital workplace without any major restructuring. The benefits of flat include increased flexibility, simplified site management, and simplified permission management.

In addition, we created a social hub which all user had access to connect and contribute. The hub became a one-stop-shop for users to read news, get updates, or navigate to any site. It also provided a backbone for the intranet where associated sites inherited themes and functionality from the hub to create a consistent look and feel.

2. Valo Intranet Add-Ons and Tools

Using Valo’s capabilities, we configured web parts to help Mechanics’ intranet users leverage the most relevant information and tools as quickly as possible. These web parts included:


Mobile App for iOS and Android

News Publishing

Page Templates

Event Hub




News Alerts


Open Positions

Employee Blog

Quick Links


We focused on configuring and deploying web parts to help users navigate and complete tasks in an efficient manner. We also trained administrators at Mechanics Bank to customize these templates and add new features with formal and ongoing Valo training. The “Content Owner” and “Valo Admin Knowlege Transfer” training allow authors and executives to have authorization and control over the type of content displayed on their sites.

3. Brand, Design, and Communication

With any kind of workplace, you want to create a sense of community, culture, and feeling of familiarity for your employees. Building a visual identity in your digital workplace is not something to overlook. It can increase adoption, unite users to the organizational culture, and create a sense of “home” online.

Klarinet’s team sought to create a branded identity on the new intranet. We met with the organization to determine intranet requirements and applied specific characteristics to match their ideal branding strategy. For example, we provided a customized theme that reminds users of their organizational values, purpose, and mission.


How can your company benefit from an effective modern digital workplace?

Every organization has a unique personality with different backgrounds, values, services, people, and purpose. Similar to organizations, modern intranets are made to be exclusive and tailored.

If an organization is looking to scale, sustain, and grow its company, it’s best practice to set the standard early and embrace these tools as just the way “things get done.” Otherwise, one will be stuck converting their larger organization from old and poor practices, which will take much more time, effort, and tamper progress.

By providing a modern digital workplace, innovative companies stay ahead of the game in workplace efficiency, employee-centric culture, and high-quality collaboration. They are investing in a workplace product of the future and delivering on tools that will help their employees feel connected and get work done quickly and efficiently.

So, no, it is not too late to start looking. It is not too late to start investing in a digital workplace that serves your workforce. It is not too late to care about the future and the success of your organization. Feel free to give our digital workplace experts a call, book a demo, or navigate our relevant blogs to learn more.

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