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MBRACE Therapeutics Inc is a biotechnology start-up based in La Jolla California with a primary focus on developing treatments for cancer patients. MBRACE’s founders are highly accomplished scientists, physician-scientists, and drug development professionals with extensive track records of success in academia, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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INDUSTRY: Biotechnology


SIZE: 7-10 Employees


When start-up biotechnology company MBRACE Therapeutics needed a new website, they had very specific needs for a provider. They knew they need a provider who could build a website from the ground up, could deliver the project cost-efficiently and would be able to understand the unique needs of a start-up biotech company.


MBRACE needed a new website to highlight the work they were doing and share updates about the company. They also wanted to get more visibility with potential clients and future employees. Because they were still in the start-up phase, they needed the project completed on a strict budget, and within a tight timeline. However, due to the complicated nature of their work, a partner who could take the time to fully understand the company’s needs was key.

Founder and CEO Isan Chen, M.D. selected Klarinet Solutions for this project not only because of the technical experience and prowess the team offered, but also because Klarinet was able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges of a biotech start-up.


The Klarinet Team deDuring the website development, Chen and the MBRACE team appreciated Klarinet’s responsible project management style, as keeping the project on track was crucial to achieving cost-effectiveness. The personal touch, understanding, and dedication to helping their clients reach their desired outcome that the Klarinet team brought to the project left MBRACE truly satisfied.

Customer Testimonial:

“The website has allowed our company to be more visible to potential investors and future employees. We are very satisfied with the result.”

– Isan Chen, MD, Founder and CEO

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