Company Culture?

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford. It’s time to readjust our thinking. Many leaders push back on investing in organizational culture because they get caught up having to deal with other responsibilities or, quite frankly, don’t know where to start. Company culture can be very confusing and, as such, can stress out management. However, leaders need to take the time to start shaping how people experience and view their company, or else others will do it for them.

Organizations need people to unite behind their ideas to drive real change. How do you do this? Great leaders take on this responsibility by focusing on forming a highly orchestrated platform with strategic communication initiatives that connect employees to their goals. The modern-day digital workplace, executed correctly, is the answer that leaders seek to start building a robust and purpose-driven company culture.

To be clear, a digital workplace doesn’t set out to do everything. It does, however, prioritize the employee experience — which, in today’s increasingly complex, tool-driven, and employee-centric workplace, is a decisive advantage to developing a strong culture.


Employee Centric Culture

According to recent studies by Deloitte, organizations with an employee-centric culture are not only able to retain their best people, but they also attract the best potential candidates and mold current employees into becoming leaders. So how can a digital workplace enable this goal? There are a couple of ways that the new wave of technology can support an organization’s culture: 

  1. Productivity –  Employees get what they want when they want it, search and find relevant information quickly, and understand the systems at hand. 
  2. Experience – Connectivity, Integration Functionality, and External/Internal Mobility across the board.
  3. Fulfillment – Branding, Finding Purpose in One’s Work, and Growing as a Professional. 


Read here how we did this for one of our clients, a leading organization in women’s healthcare: 


What Does This Mean for Organizations?

Essentially, digital workplace solutions replace our outdated and ineffective systems. Are you sick of losing everything through email? This transformation brings design, community, and functionality to the top of the priority list. When you incorporate a digital workplace to support the other forms of communication within your organization (such as conference meetings and one-on-one sessions), you take your culture to the next level by leveraging multiple touchpoints to physically and virtually shrink the gaps between teams. 

Getting everyone on the same page doesn’t have to be so difficult for organizations. Klarinet Solutions supports all your communication channels by improving your digital workplace performance with a much more sophisticated Office 365 platform. Feel free to contact us and get advice from one of our digital workplace experts. 



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