Client Description

Halozyme Therapeutics is a U.S. biotechnology company that develops novel oncology therapies designed to target the tumor microenvironment and licenses a novel drug delivery technology through corporate partnerships. Furthermore, the company was founded in 1998 and went public in 2004.

Halozyme Migration/Teamwork Case Study


INDUSTRY: Biotechnology

MARKET: Worldwide

SIZE: 300+ Employees


Halozyme’s IT team managed a SharePoint Server 2013 infrastructure on-premise, and their Intranet and Collaboration content was mixed in a single site collection. As a result, Halozyme communicated difficulty governing user permissions, wanted to ensure security and compliance, and did not have the resources to maintain ongoing SharePoint servers.


Halozyme expressed interest in migrating to Office 365 and SharePoint online. They wanted to optimize the digital workplace experience and free up IT resources. Halozyme previously had an in-house SharePoint resource who was very skilled with certain aspects of SharePoint administration. However, Halozyme wanted to tap into Klarinet’s deep bench of talented resources experts at SharePoint Architecture, Design, Support, and Automation. Halozyme engaged with Klarinet to replace the in-house resource for a team of experts at cost savings.


Klarinet deployed Valo Intranet and Teamwork for Office 365. Valo provides a turnkey solution to deliver a digital workplace platform in a concise period of time. Klarinet migrated all intranet and collaboration content to Office 365. Simultaneously, optimized information architecture and security using Microsoft’s best practices.

Klarinet’s team of SharePoint experts engaged with Halozyme by hosting weekly status meetings, assisting onsite on a weekly basis, and leveraging a support portal that was available on-demand. As a result, Klarinet is now an integral part of the Halozyme family as a trusted technology partner. We serve as an extension of their IT and Enterprise Applications team.


• Quickly migrated all intranet and collaboration content to O365

• Optimized compliance and security issues

• User permissions were defined and intuitive for the end-user

• Alleivated IT resource constraints at a cost-savings

• Improved employee connectivity and online collaboration

• Exposure and implementation of latest updates in O365 and SharePoint to address ongoing digital workplace challenges

Customer Testimonial

“In a very short period of time, Klarinet was able to migrate our intranet and collaboration content while at the same time optimizing our information architecture, governance and security model.”

“With the help of Klarinet Solutions, our Valo-enabled intranet is a central communication hub that enables employees to connect and collaborate with their colleagues while giving them quick and easy access to tools, resources, and systems they need to do their job.”

– Carla Taub, Director of Communications at Halozyme Therapeutics


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