Client Description: Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, CloudTen Residential is a brand that manages and operates multifamily properties from hotels to high-rise apartments. They are passionate about providing stellar service to offer renters the services and amenities they desire.



Market: North America

Industry: Property Management

Size: 185



CloudTen Residential wanted to increase communication and collaboration within their organization and was looking to build out their company intranet for this purpose. They required experts in digital workplace solutions to help build the first iteration of their company intranet using Microsoft cloud technology.


With decades of extensive expertise in digital workplace solutions, the Klarinet Solutions team has established themselves as leaders in the Microsoft 365 & SharePoint space.

Klarinet Solutions was initially recommended to CloudTen Residential for implementation of a new SharePoint intranet, and the engagement has been ongoing since September 2021.


The solution involved scoping the intranet project by learning about CloudTen Residential’s organizational structures and job functions and developing a clear timeline for implementation.

Klarinet Solutions then built the first iteration of an intranet for CloudTen Residential using Microsoft technology and continued to provide support to CloudTen Residential via Microsoft Teams, Bookings, and Zoho Desk to ensure their new intranet was being utilized to its fullest potential.

Now, Klarinet Solutions continues to support CloudTen Residential’s intranet from a maintenance standpoint, provides consulting services for new projects, and gives feedback for ongoing initiatives. By collaborating with Klarinet Solutions to implement an intranet, CloudTen Residential has seen a significant increase in viewership and visitors.

Client Testimonial: “I’m impressed with Klarinet Solutions’ innovative nature. They deliberately keep up with new research and implement best practices for doing business.” – Kelly Bauer, Director of Technology and Business Systems, CloudTen Residential

Employee Intranet: The Key to Enhancing Collaboration within your Organization

As the remote-hybrid workforce model continues to dominate, organizations need to find creative ways to help employees feel connected and motivated. A company-wide intranet can serve as a single source of truth for employees across all departments, providing important news and announcements, storing knowledge repositories, and enabling seamless file-sharing and discussion.

With the help of an experienced digital workplace solutions provider, your organization can increase employee collaboration and satisfaction to improve productivity and efficiency within your organization. Implementing a comprehensive intranet solution will help you say goodbye to efficiencies and disorganization.

Klarinet Solutions designs and implements custom digital workplace solutions using Microsoft 365 and SharePoint intranet to help organizations work smarter, reduce mistakes, and increase ROI. Reach out today to discuss your digital workplace needs.

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