Client Description:

Founded in 2014, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics targeting fundamental biological pathways of cancer. Their experienced team of industry leaders with proven track records in the discovery, clinical development, and commercialization of innovative cancer therapies has developed a working model for generating potentially differentiated product candidates to target distinct cancer pathways. This approach has allowed them to advance a diverse pipeline in a capital-efficient manner, clearing four INDs with the FDA within the first five years.

Business Automations for Zentalis


INDUSTRY: Healthcare

MARKET: La Jolla California

SIZE: 51-200 Employees


Working in the rapidly advancing industry of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, Zentalis needed to modernize and digitize their business processes and embrace business automation in order to continue doing their important work effectively and efficiently. Although they rely on technological and scientific advances to conduct their research, Zentalis’ business systems were largely manual, based on paper and email.


With years of experience designing custom solutions for companies in a variety of industries across the country, Klarinet Solutions was the perfect fit to help Zentalis digitize and modernize their business processes with custom developed business automation. Klarinet was able to develop and launch an app that is now successfully utilized company wide. Each department now has an efficient solution for their operations.


Klarinet Solutions was already involved in an ongoing partnership with Zentalis (starting in 2019) when business systems analyst Missy Climax joined the Zentalis team and saw an opportunity for greater collaboration.

Because Klarinet Solutions had an established relationship with Zentalis and a close familiarity with their systems, launching the new business automation project was seamless. Klarinet worked closely with Climax to determine Zentalis’ specific business needs, and from that they were able to create solutions to digitize Zentalis’ manual processes. This meant moving from paper and email to a more automated operation. Klarinet leveraged Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps to enable this upgrade, utilizing Power Apps to build the UI, and Power Automate to develop the flow of the operations.

Zentalis was already using SharePoint, so Klarinet worked with Climax to help navigate the different permissions from Microsoft and guided and advised her in how to best use the software in different environments. Klarinet is also providing ongoing maintenance for Zentalis’ new system.

Prior to the deployment of the new app, several departments within Zentalis were resistant to adopting SharePoint, making collaboration difficult. However, once the new app was launched in one of those departments, the other hesitant departments saw the results and eagerly adopted it as well.

“The app has also been especially successful now that everybody is working from home, so we’re starting to see a good collaboration between all departments, and they’re all using SharePoint like they’re supposed to,” shares Climax.

Zentalis found working with Klarinet seamless, as they noted that the Klarinet team members felt like an extension of the internal organization. They also appreciated the high-level of project management Klarinet brought to the project, providing deliverables on-time and on-budget.

Client Testimonial:

“We’ve worked with other consultants, and I like the fact that Klarinet Solutions feels like a real part of my team. The meetings go really well because they respect each other’s ideas, and conversations are comfortable and flowing so we stay on task consistently.”

Missy Climax, Business Systems Analyst, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals

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