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This innovative water district provider is a dynamic, growing organization with the sole purpose of providing high-quality, safe, and reliable water and wastewater services while practicing good stewardship of natural and financial resources. They are one of the leading retail water providers in the Southern California region. Their team leverages innovation and leadership to address regional and state-wide water issues. As a government water supplier, they serve and oversee:

  • 190,000 customers within a 47-square-mile area
  • Approximately 48,000 water connections and 37,000 sewer connections
  • Average daily demand of approximately 47 million gallons per day

Providing high-quality water and first-class customer service has been at the core of its mission since it was established in the 1950s.

Managed Services


INDUSTRY: Facilities Services and Utilities

MARKET: United States

SIZE: 200 Employees


This water district had an internal team who actively updated and maintained the content, access, and structure of their intranet. Their IT team had a concrete process for communicating and sharing information within their teams and departments. Nonetheless, they were interested in more modern intranet capabilities that Microsoft SharePoint provides. In their roadmap, they planned to keep costs low, leverage the best solutions and infrastructure, and further unite their employees with a new intranet.  Their main goal was to simplify content creation and management of their Intranet and empower the content owners to keep their intranet fresh and up to date.


Klarinet Solutions partnered with their management team in February of 2017. Their intranet needed an overhaul to match the evolving needs of the organization. They decided to engage Klarinet’s consulting services because they preferred to use a local consultant to design the intranet, assist with digitizing documents, and support all their ongoing needs to provide the best experience possible to their users. Our first project was to deploy a new corporate intranet built on the SharePoint platform to streamline internal processes, improve communication, and increase employee productivity. Our team met with representatives from each department to gather requirements and provided training to each Division so power users could build their own Division Pages and connect across their entire organization.


The collaboration with the organization’s management was seamless and satisfying, our Klarinet team was able to:

  1. Create a purpose-driven intranet from the ground up within four months
  2. Become an external extension of their internal Information Technology team
  3. Provide an ongoing strategy for the Information Technology team.
  4. Provide consulting & support, system administration, system monitoring, updates, patching, and maintenance
  5. Ensure optimal digital workplace results, collaborations, and stability.

Klarinet Solutions now acts as a fully outsourced SharePoint team. We provide Microsoft 365 and SharePoint consulting, strategy, and resources that their team can tap into when needed. We bring proactive monitoring, world-class support, and custom development for digital workplaces through our Managed Service agreement.  Klarinet Solutions will be there to support their ongoing digital workplace needs if this water district provider plans to create bigger projects, onboard more team members, or pivot in an entirely new direction.

Client Testimonial

“When my users understand their role and feel connected to the business, they work faster, communicate better, and produce better work. Klarinet Solutions invests in customer relationships. They understand and solve the digital workplace problems that we face every day.”

IT Manager

How Can Your Organization Benefit from Managed Service Support?

We have found that organizations that leverage a managed service plan are able to stay ahead of the game in workplace efficiency, employee-centric culture, and high-quality collaboration. With managed services, innovative companies can continually update their digital workplace tools by rollout the latest tools with minimal costs, tailored features, and quick delivery.   If you’re interested in customized feedback on Managed Service Support or your current Microsoft 365 environment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. For more insights and information, consult Klarinet Solutions and talk to one of our pros to begin collaborating on successful Intranet communication, Microsoft 365 integration, or managed service plan.

Managed Services

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