Digital Workplace Roadmap

A modern digital workplace can empower you to automate tasks, improve team morale and produce better work.

With Klarinet’s Digital Workplace Roadmap, you’ll get clear technical recommendations and a detailed project timeline to seamlessly move your business to a modern intranet solution.

What’s Included:

A Complete Discovery

We hold discovery meetings with your stakeholders to understand your business requirements

Live Demos

Once Klarinet understands your business needs, we provide live demos of modern solutions to get you familiar with how they work

Technology Roadmap Documentation

  • Detailed project plan, timeline and associated task list
  • Technology recommendations
  • Security and permissions guidance
  • Governance guidance
  • Tailor training and adoption plans

Why Work With Klarinet?

With 10+ years of Microsoft Sharepoint experience, we’re passionate about helping companies build digital workplace solutions that engage and inspire employees and solve everyday business problems.

After implementing a digital modern workplace solution for one of our customers, they experienced:

  • 25% reduction in time needed to complete common tasks
  • 23% reduction in the number of clicks to complete a task
  • 305% overall improvement in employee satisfaction

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