A page about digital efficiency in the workplace—because educating potential clients is one of the most important aspects of gaining inquiries and leads. Tell them what they need in a non-sell approach — they will come to you with questions & thank you by contracting you. Also creates sense of prestige and knowledge among competitors, as well as gain search engine results (when optimized) for keywords and search terms like “what is an intranet?,” “do I need an intranet?,” “how do I create an intranet?,” “SharePoint intrane,” “intranet products,” “intranet solutions,” …and more… this could potentially be your most important optimized landing page.

Page contents would include:
• Defining an intranet
• Does your company need an intranet?
• The process of intranet development/steps and timing (off-shoot to another page that is not in main navigation)
• Brush over other service-based solutions Klarinet offers (consulting, data protection, etc… will link back from “About” and/or homepage and link to here).

Imagine this to be a Q&A format, with pleasing imagery of all of the industries Klarinet targets.