Remote Workforce: How Organizations Can Stay Connected During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Can Employers Do?

There are various questions right now about the Coronavirus — whether it can be contained, how lethal it is, how easy it can be transmitted. This has undoubtedly become an issue that organizations need to deal with in real-time and ask themselves: “What will we do if it spreads? How can we protect our people? Is there a possibility we need to close our facility? How can we stay connected during the Coronavirus? Do we need to setup remote solutions? With the increase of confirmed cases within the states and around the world, there is an ever-growing anxiety about this virus affecting our lives. Just like everyone else, we’re also concerned about the health of our people and their families and communities 

So, how can we prepare for Coronavirus? As you already know, many Universities, organizations, and institutions have already taken the drastic steps into protecting their people by practicing social distancing, enforcing safety and health regulations, and promoting online communication. With over 100 million Americans under stay-at-home-orders, many organizations are in the process of transitioning to only work/learn/function from home. 

Organizations are facing a difficult challenge… How we can we continue get work done with our employees working at home. It is clear that the Coronavirus is putting remote work to a gigantic test, and at a totally unprecedented scale. There is also a growing concern that remote work could drastically reduce productivity and performance.  


Microsoft Cloud Services – Best Remote Workplace Software

As industry experts, Klarinet Solutions recognizes that cloud services if not adapted or executed correctly can really hurt an organization, especially small businesses. That is why we are here to support organizations adjust and strategically plan in these times of urgent need. Now more than ever are we ready to provide you with the most modern digital workplace tools to stay afloat, safe, and keep business running.  

We can help you learn to use and maximize the most relevant Microsoft Cloud services (such as, Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, SharePoint, Yammer) across your organizationOr we can simply just provide more information about enterprise services and conduct a one-on-one consultation to help you navigate your own transition to a remote workforce. Just this week, our partner, Microsoftannounced that they will grant access to their more robust teleconferencing and collaboration tools that are typically only available to enterprise customers to make it easier for people to work from home. Microsoft is eager to support hospitals, schools, and businesses globally by offering a free six-month trial for a premium tier of Microsoft Teams and other servicesThe best digital workplace communication and collaboration tools at your hands and free of costsLet’s not let this virus keep preventing us from operating our business.

Amid this Coronavirus outbreak, we collectively need to take protective measures and a great place to start is through our workplace. our mission is to further support your people and their family and community by providing them with premium support, expert-knowledge, and top-tier remote office solutions to stay in isolation and do work.  


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Klarinet Solutions specializes in enhancing system performance, optimizing user experience, and developing streamlined processes that support business objectives especially, during this Coronavirus epidemic. Feel free to contact us if you would like to hear more about ways to receive a tailored cloud service deployment, strategical remote plan, secure system, and/or maintenance protocol.

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