Tech Talk: 2019 Microsoft Ignite Conference Summary

Klarinet Solutions recently aired our November– Tech Talk. Matt Fishman, Director of Solutions Delivery, broke down some of the most important news from the 2019 Microsoft Ignite Conference.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft host their annual Ignite conference for developers, IT professionals, and Microsoft enthusiasts. Essentially, it is an enterprise application conference that primarily focuses on improving and rolling out cloud, data management, and business solutions. Some of the best Microsoft professionals also shared their valuable insights on the latest and emerging trends of the Microsoft industry. Naturally, there were many announcements on what was released and what to expect in 2020. Here’s is a couple of important takeaways from the conference:


Taxonomy and Managed Metadata

Microsoft is updating the taxonomy and managed metadata functionality that has not been altered since its introduction in 2010. Metadata are the tools we use to categorize information.

“When you use SharePoint products, you can manage the metadata centrally. You can organize the metadata in a way that makes sense in your business and use the metadata to make it easier to find what you want” (Plumley, Mike et al.). Also, the Search in SharePoint and OneDrive is now fueled by custom connectors that will allow you to connect to an external data source or cloud service. This feature will allow you to include that content in your search so if you had something in any of the connectors available in Microsoft 365 it can be used or found across all your enterprise applications. Microsoft seeks to modernize these functionalities and make it become the basis for gathering, tagging, and categorizing content, which in turn will be leveraged by Project Cortex V1.


Project Cortex V1

Microsoft released Project Cortex, the first new service in Microsoft 365 since the launch of Teams. Project Cortex is an AI platform that allows you to create a knowledge network that organizes all data, surfaces content when needed, and automatically transfers it across shared topics. This new service is creating a Universal Consciousness for your Business. According to Microsoft, “the service brings innovations in smart content ingestion, to analyze documents and create sophisticated content models; machine teaching, to allow subject matter experts to teach the system how to understand semi-structured content; and knowledge retrieval, to make it easy for people to access the valuable knowledge that’s so often locked away in documents, conversations, meetings, and videos” (Spataro, Jared). The launch of Project Cortex will now relieve the stress of dealing with mass data. Also, it’ll improve businesses processes by finding, organizing, and utilizing data to make informative decisions or efficiently progress projects.


Modern SharePoint Home Sites for Web and Mobile

Home Sites for Web and Mobile are a newly announced feature in SharePoint, it is a highly innovative communication site that can be used for the Home SharePoint site, whether that’s an intranet or an extranet. Nonetheless, it has a lot of personalization features which enable you to see everything from tasks to what events are coming up. This update was first announced early in the year at a SharePoint conference however, it is now rolling out to target release tenants. Once finalized, it is expected to be available by the first half of 2020 to all tenants. Valo intranet customers are in luck as the Valo partnership with Microsoft allows them to work directly with them on this feature to ensure Valo is fully compatible with home sites when they are released. Using this means your home site will always be one click away in any of the Microsoft 365 web applications.


The Ignite Conference Road Map Slide Summary deck by Microsoft MVP, Susan Hanley, outlines the top things you need to know about the conference. Looking at the Hanley’s slide deck you will see that there are other important announcements on topics, such as, Knowledge, Intelligent IntranetSharePoint Team Collaborations, Security and Compliance, and so on. The slide deck does an awesome job in putting all the announcements and upcoming changes in a understandable agenda, here’s the link to her site:

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