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Global Champion of Women’s Healthcare

Klarinet Solutions has partnered with one of the global medical champions of women’s healthcare. This company’s innovative technologies help healthcare professionals around the world diagnose and treat their patients with precision, certainty, and confidence in achieving exceptional clinical results. They continue to improve and save lives with early detection and proactive treatment in four divisions: Breast & Skeletal Health, Diagnostics Solutions, Gynecologic Health, and Medical Aesthetics.

Valo Implementation

INDUSTRY: Healthcare 
MARKET: Global
SIZE: 7,100




This Healthcare organization seeks to expand their wellness outreach and healthcare knowledge by offering various forms of service training and academic opportunities (e.g. Medical Education Program). The internal and external expansion of their network has made it necessary to find the right technology to improve their communication and organizational standards.


Their organization had been utilizing an on-premise SharePoint Intranet since 2010. They had invested in an upgrade and migrated their content structure to SharePoint Online. The new Intranet provided opportunities for posting news, sharing social content, and linking in relevant media. However, they had zero feedback on the consumption of content. They needed to know if users were engaging with the company postings, what content was most popular, and how could they improve their intranet to ensure a return on investment?


Needless to say, they were afraid of flying blind. Without any insight, they were concerned that their messaging and communication strategies were not effective in increasing employee motivation and engagement.  


After a series of conversations and meetings, Klarinet Solutions recognized the goals and aspirations of their organization, understood their pain points, and developed a unique demo and plan. As intended, this tailored solution would bridge communication gaps, empower management, and increase engagement/efficiency. In the final review of the plan, Klarinet came into an agreement and partnered with this innovative healthcare organization to deploy the proposed solution.


Klarinet’s main solution involved the deployment of their proprietary analytics tool, Velocity Site Metrics, a powerful SharePoint tool that collects user engagement data and information. Klarinet provided this digital workplace solution for their company because:

1. Insightful visual metrics:

• Real Time visitor insight

• User segments based on SharePoint profiles

• Activity heat-maps

• User flows and paths

• Most popular searches/downloads/visited web-links within the Intranet


2. Flexibility: Previously, their Internal Communications (IC) team had restricted access and needed to go through the IT department to make adjustments. Now, IC had their own way of analyzing data, guiding traffic, and implementing valuable changes to the Intranet.


3. Customization: IC needed to find a way to create multiple dashboards for different audiences so that they could improve business processes, arrange important information, and prioritize working files.


Outcome and Benefits:

• Visibility into what intranet pages were “hot” or “cold”.

• Ability to measure the effectiveness of intranet adjustments by running periodical report.

• Empirical evidence on user engagement.

• Found that ideal news posts should stay on the home page for a month.

• Better allocation of resources to other areas of digital workplace platform.

• Better content and structure for creating higher engagement.

Customer Testimonial:

“With my dashboards I can create reports in 30 minutes instead of 2 hours like it used to take me with Google Analytics”

Sales Executive

“In using Teamwork, Admin Center, and Yammer Integration, I love the exceptional web parts and templates Valo provides, the mobile friendliness, and just the ease of use and the quick implementation time.”

Internal Communication Director

“With the insights provided by Velocity Site Metrics, we are completely redesigning our home page. We can see what users are clicking on, what news is getting read and can now create a page that we know will work.”

HR Generalist

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